Phys. Ed. Lesson Plan Web Quest

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Last updated on August 27, 2004


In this exercise you will be responsible for researching and taking notes on the topic of Health Fitness, create an infographic defining Health Fitness, and developing a workout program to develop, improve, and maintain your fitness level.  All of these tasks will require that you work individually or cooperatively with a partner or team.

  1. Use your notebook to answer questions and organize your data and information for all tasks. Individual Work
    1. First draft answers will be handwritten in your notebook.
    2. Final draft will be typed.
    3. Review the notebook rubric to be sure you earn the maximum amount of points. How many points have you earned so far?


  2. Use Microsoft Publisher or Microsoft Word to create an infographic defining Health Fitness and each of the four components that help define Health Fitness.  It is recommended that you use Microsoft Publisher as this application has a variety of preset templates to choose from specific to page layout.

    Components of Health Fitness

  1. Each component must be defined by use of text and graphics and be represented by one sample exercise. You will present your infographic to the class and explain the importance of each component as it relates to Health Fitness.

Sample Infographics


  1. Choose one component of Health Fitness and develop a workout program that you can perform to improve that component. Use a spreadsheet application to display your workout plan and chart your progress. See links to sample workout sheets below. You should only use these as a guide to develop your own personal fitness program. While designing your own workout sheet, be sure to include all the Elements of a Workout Program.

Sample Workout Sheets